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 Check out my curated list of local service providers.

Midwifery Care

Meka Hall, CNM

Dar A Luz WHS Midwifery Services


Sara Edwards, CPM

LowCountry Midwifery Services


Roxanne Spencer, CNM

Genesis Roots Midwifery

Bodywork Specialist

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy 


Dr. Jasmine Polk, PT 

Savannah Pelvic Health & Wellness


Pelvic Floor PT 

Dr. Janelle Brown, PT


Dr. Kaleb Scroggin 

Restoration Chiropractic


Dr. Wendy Sanches 

Empowered Life Chiropractic

Lactation Services 

Morenike Tyehimba, IBCLC    
Akwaaba Wellness

Farante Ager, CLC 

Healthy Lowcountry Lady

Placenta Services 

Rosalinda Patino

This Wombman


Placenta Encapsulation Savannah

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