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Preparing new parents to transition confidently from pregnancy to parenthood.

Are you feeling anxious or fearful about your upcoming birth? Do you want to feel in control of your experience instead of feeling like you don't have a say? Is all the information online about postpartum and having a new baby starting to overwhelm you? If so, take a deep breath. We've got you! We're here to help you and your partner prepare for childbirth and life with your new baby so you can enter parenthood with the confidence and support you need. 

Are you ready to discover if working with a doula is right for you? The first step is to complete an inquiry form to help us learn more about your desires.

Birth Philosophy: 

As holistic doulas, we understand that pregnancy and birth are more than physical events. While pregnancy and childbirth may present complications requiring medical intervention, we don't believe it is automatically required for all women. That is why, we spend time getting to know the unique needs and desires of our clients to understand ways we can best support them. 


Our goal is to help you and your support person gain confidence in your birth choices and abilities. You should feel prepared enough to speak for yourself and make informed decisions. We want to see you have the experience you desire! 

We believe in:

  • Embracing nature's wisdom and trusting the body's natural ability to birth.

  • Supporting your holistic well-being- mind, body, and spirit, throughout the birthing journey.

  • Honoring your choices and respecting your decisions and preferences.

  • Creating a sacred, safe, nurturing environment for birth.

  • Fostering connections and building supportive relationships and community.

  • Integrating holistic therapies and complementary practices for comfort and relaxation.

  • Honoring the postpartum period and supporting families through the postpartum period with compassion.

Does it sound like you have a similar ​approach and would like to partner with us? If so, we invite you to connect by completing the interest form to start the process! 



This was my first time having a Doula, and Kendra provided such a wholesome, beautiful, experience. I felt so much more calm, and prepared. She’s very attentive, I love her holistic approach, and the postpartum services are top tier. Not to mention, I had an unexpected home birth, and so happy she was apart of that. Hopefully I can get my fiancé to agree on a 4th, so we can have her on board again!
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